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Ready, Willing & Abell Walla group is by far one of the most talented loop groups in North America and the World. With 20 years of experience not only do we bring you the best talent – but the best non union rates as well. For an off shore film or television production it seems pointless to travel to other countries when Vancouver, Canada is only a 2.5 hour flight from LA as well as in the same time zone. RWA can offer the full package from studio rental, voice casting, directing, editing, delivery, payroll and contracts if required.



What about the Canadian accent?

The Canadian accent has never been an issue with RWA as most of our talent are hired to re-voice on screen actors with the American accent. Also, 85% of our business is American so we would not have been able to survive for the past 20 years if it was an issue.

What about other languages and accents if needed?

RWA has worked on hundreds of films and television series requiring different languages and accents – Cars 2, Narnia, Narnia 2 and ABC’s “Missing” to name a few. We have access to multi-language talent as Vancouver is a very diverse community.

Do you do Union work as well?

RWA does not discriminate lol. Yes, if required all our talent whether they be Union or Non Union are the best in the business.